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На изображении может находиться: текст «ធទး PASSPORT CHARACTER 中号 REACTION SPEED EXTREMALITY CRIME TEMPERAMENT FORESIGHT SEXUALITY.. INTELLECT TEAMWORK STRENGHT CHARACTER EMOTIONALITY STRESS RESISTANSE 35% 68% 10% 69% 18% 75% 54% 65% 80% も고.. Passport of person character ..అதீ த»

Passport or Certificate of a person’s Character


About passport of a person’s Character

Have you ever wished to read a person like an open book? That is not a problem anymore. Our will allow you to make order of anyone and within few steps to identify person’s character features and qualities, which might neither him, nor his closest one are aware off.

We are using a modern know-how technology which enables to determine intellectual potential, moral qualities, ambitiousness, strength of the nervous system, propensity to heroism, degree of availability of commercial vein a much-much more.

Get to know people better, find out who is who!

Certificate Example

Certificate of a person’s Character

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What is this?

Many of us have remained confronted with the choice of further developing ourselves at some points in our lives. The passport of characteristics can determine the abilities and predispositions of a person’s character, as well as indicate the level of presence of each characteristic in percentage (%).

Each character trait has a clear scientific rationale.

You can learn about a stranger or about someone you know (no matter what mask he wears, who he claims to be or who he tries to be).

What characteristics can be found?

Would a person aspire to leadership?

How strong is a person’s temperament (including the sexual temper)? How fast does a person act in affairs, business or householding

Is a person prone to intrigue (in the family/team)?

The ability to adapt to an opponent and situation; the ability to gain someone’s confidence; the ability to feel good where and what will be given; the ambition to get something for free

Will a person work for an idea, or will a commercial result be his first priority in life?

Will a person provoke others, keep himself or others from living in peace?

Is a person stress-resistant, proactive, quick-acting, easy-going or prefers a sedentary life (including at work)?

How strong or weak is a person’s nervous system?

Whether a person possesses criminal or non-standard characteristics?

Is a person brave or careful up to cowardice?

Is he/she a straight shooter or, on the contrary, “psychologically plastic”?

Whether he can make up a tale on the go?

Are sensations important for a person or is he characterized by clarity/concreteness?

Is he/she a logical thinker? Is his/her language the language of logic or not?

Is he/she a softhearted, gentle and emotionally open or stiffed, who is hard to hit him/her up for emotions?

Is a person bullheaded or not?

Is a person attentive, insightful, and suspicious?

Is it difficult or easy to persuade a person to do anything in a calm situation?

Is there a mass of unfulfilled desires?

Is he/she prone to moralism, to the external analysis of events?

The presence or absence of decisiveness. Is a person able to act decisively or not?

How touchy and fragile is a person?

How self-rigorous is a person? Is self-examination or permanent “after action review” peculiar to him/her?

Is image/decency important for a person?

How power-loving is a person?

Does a person possess an inflated self-esteem?

Is a person secretive or not?

Is he/she a person of vision? Is a person capable of judging what his/her actions today will lead to in the future or not?

Is a person pedantic, i.e. able to “split hairs” or “bugging” others as well? Whether he can become boring? Are all the decisions taken by and large, by shooting from the hip without going into details, which means sloppiness and kindness?

How irritable is a person? How sensitive/valetudinarian is a person?

Is he/she a cat that walks by himself or a more “structural” person?

Does a person have signs of sexuality?

Is a person two-faced or not?

Is a person prone to elegance (nice conversation, gestures, hobbies, interests, etc.)?

Does a person like to resent?

Can a person swing from one extreme to another: “I really like this”, “I really don't like this”, etc.?